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Mr. Alexander's Classroom for Students of Color in Mathematics

Armani Alexander / MTR Give 2018

In my class, students will be educated about the importance of mathematics through culturally relevant instruction, knowledge of prominent black and brown mathematicians, and historically black colleges and universities.
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    Myocea Dixon

    $70.00 / 2 days ago

    Continue to educate children to do their absolute best! Continue to push them, uplift them and inspire them! Best of luck!

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    Victoria Terry

    $20.00 / 5 days ago

    Continue to let his light shine in you! Keep up the great work!

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    Nina Staples

    $50.00 / 6 days ago

    Best Wishes for a great first year Mr. Alexander All my love and prayers, Dr. Staples

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    LaToya Johnson

    $25.74 / 11 days ago

    LaToya Johnson

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    Theresa Alexander

    $102.95 / 11 days ago

    Start strong. Finish stronger.

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    Ruth Montague

    $25.00 / 13 days ago

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    Cecilia Robinson

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    Good luck!

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    David Montague

    $20.00 / 19 days ago

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    Kwambe Smith

    $10.00 / 19 days ago

    Continue to uplift and inspire these bright minds!! Kudos to you and to what are you doing. Your efforts are not going unnoticed. Kwambe Smith Florida A&M c/o 94

About Mr. Alexander's Classroom for Students of Color in Mathematics

I am embarking on my journey as a first-year classroom teacher in my own classroom. This project was created to provide every student that enters into my classroom the best possible education they deserve. My classroom will have a special emphasis on Historically Black Colleges and Universities and prominent black and brown mathematicians. You can help me make my dream classroom come true by donating any amount to my project. I cannot thank you enough for believing not only in my vision, but believing in the endless possibilities for my students.

Below is a list of a few items that your donations will cover:

- classroom set of personal whiteboards
- 12 boxes of dry erase markers
- 3 boxes of copy paper
- giant box of colored pencils
- pencil sharpener
- pencils
- 4 storage bins
- protractors/rulers
- HBCU pennants
- Black mathematician posters (or materials needed to create)
- Plastic stack stools