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Carson Murphy's Collaborative Classroom

William Murphy / MTR Give 2018

Math education is about more than teaching procedural knowledge. In my classroom I am seeking to teach students more and more how to think critically, listen to each other and work off of others' ideas, and apply math skills to solve complex problems.
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About Carson Murphy's Collaborative Classroom

The items in my project this year are all geared towards helping students to work better in groups with one another. Many of the items are simple but powerful in how they can bring many different students together to learn. Some of those are large dry erase boards with markers that enable students to observe and comment on each other's work, a bluetooth tablet that allows the teacher and students to work on the board from across the room, enabling all students to demonstrate their knowledge from their seat, and clipboards which allow students to work on their own paper while they circulate around the room and comment on their peers' work.