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Miss Bowers Kindergarten Classroom

Hannah Bowers / MTR Give 2018

With the resources requested in this project I will be able to provide my students with authentic hands on learning in order to deepen their mathematical understanding as a Kindergarten Math teacher. I want to use these resources to create a rich learning environment where students can think deeply about mathematical concepts and build a strong mathematical foundation. I will also begin to provide my students with a selection of children's literature that will spark a love for reading at the beginning of their schooling, creating a strong foundation for reading as well as a platform to bring in discussions into our classroom centered around character, growth mindset, and perseverance.
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    Leah Johnson

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    So proud of you and excited to hear what God does during your first year of teaching!

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    Audrey Wilkinson

    $20.59 / 4 days ago

    You inspire me, Hannah! So grateful to have a friend like you!

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    Wishing you a wonderful first year, Hannah! Marv & Tootie

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    You go get ‘em Hannah! You were made for this! Love on those kiddos!

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    From the host fam 😎

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    Wishing you great success on your journey educating kiddos and being the hands and feet of God in your classroom!!

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    Kris Jeffers

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    Go get yourself something nice 😉

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    Proud of you Hannah! Teach 'em up!

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About Miss Bowers Kindergarten Classroom

The items requested in this project will go towards creating a classroom environment for my students where a love for learning can be fostered in the students in Rhodes-K at Cornerstone Prep Denver in Frayser. I have requested for LOTS of math manipulative and tools so that my students can build a strong base knowledge of numbers, shapes, addition, and subtraction through authentic, hands-on experiences. I have also requested some classroom supplies like baskets and tubs to make the materials requested in this projects accessible to my students. There are many books included in this project as well. I have requested books that I believe will spark the interests of young readers, books that encourage growth mindset, as well as some classic children's literature. These books will expose my students to great literature and provide them with an opportunity to grow in a love for books, but I need your help! My biggest request is for an easel that has a dry-erase board and a place to put anchor charts. I want a space where my students can come up and share their thoughts with their classmates on paper and make their thinking visible. I believe that an easel on their level is a great space to create this type of discussion and environment in the classroom next year and that is why I am requesting your help with this larger purchase. I hope you will consider helping me create a classroom environment with these resources that will foster a love for learning in students and set them on the road towards success!