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Miss Hunt's 4th Grade Mathematicians

Annie Hunt / MTR Give 2018

I believe that all students can learn at high levels when provided uniquely appropriate supports and challenges. I hope to provide my students with hands-on mathematical experiences, leading to discourse, and resulting in higher-level thinking within my classroom. My long-term goal is to foster a love of learning in my students and an appreciation of others' ideas.
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    Margaret Jones

    $100.00 / Yesterday

    Math will follow you always so learn to embrace it and do well!

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    $41.18 / 6 days ago

    Education and hard work can get you far in life, but someone who loves you and cares about you is even more meaningful. That is what you all have in Miss Hunt. Hope you all grow in your love for learning. In that process I hope you learn the value of serving and helping others. Have a fantastic year!

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    Lydia King

    $80.00 / 6 days ago

    Miss Hunt’s Mathematicians - y’all will be fiercely loved and taught by one of my favorite people in the world. Praying for an awesome year!!!!

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    Cheryl Mengle

    $50.00 / 6 days ago

    Have a great school year - have fun while you learn. 🤗🤗👍🏻

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    Karen Halter

    $25.00 / 6 days ago

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    Elizabeth Ragland

    $20.00 / 6 days ago

    Those kiddos don’t know how lucky they are!! Wishing you the best year!

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    $20.00 / 6 days ago

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    $25.00 / 6 days ago

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    Mary Kate Kuchers

    $50.00 / 7 days ago

    Miss Hunt is one of my best friends- I’ve seen her grow into an incredible woman of character throughout our years in college. She is a woman of her word and loves those kids so much. I will continue to support and love this friend who so fiercely fights for justice in a broken world. Go Miss Hunt!

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    Samantha Hauck

    $20.00 / 7 days ago

    Welcome to 4th grade! These mathematicians rock :)

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    Katie King

    $50.00 / 9 days ago

    I’m so excited to be a part of your learning experience & I hope you all have a wonderful year!! Work hard & it will pay off in the end. You have an awesome teacher... be kind to her & others☺️ God Bless You 💗 Katie King

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    Jacob Lawrence

    $20.00 / 9 days ago


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    Rachel Carmichael

    $20.59 / 11 days ago

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    Violette Hosey

    $5.00 / 12 days ago

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    Margaret Kelly

    $20.00 / 12 days ago

    Go Miss Hunt’s mathematicians! Don’t ever forget that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Keep up the amazing work!

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    Darlene Dwyer

    $25.00 / 12 days ago

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    Emily Marks

    $25.74 / 13 days ago

    I LOVE seeing everything you are doing with your students and making a difference in urban education!

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    Bailey Jacobs

    $51.48 / 13 days ago

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    Bobby Iwashima

    $10.00 / 13 days ago

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    $100.00 / 13 days ago

    To Miss Hunt's 4th Grade Mathematicians: You are so lucky to have a teacher who cares about you and who is working hard to get you the materials and support you need to succeed! I hope you will work very hard this year and do your best in her class and in ALL of your classes! Math knowledge opens doors to the future-- learn all you can and ask questions if you don't understand, and Miss Hunt will do her very best to help you! Good luck!

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    Abby Bell

    $5.00 / 14 days ago

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    Sophia Del Valle

    $10.00 / 14 days ago

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    Alyson Johnson

    $2.00 / 14 days ago

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    Mary Clark

    $2.06 / 14 days ago

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    Dayna Dionyssiou

    $50.00 / 14 days ago

    So excited for what you're doing and so happy I can be a part of it! God bless you and those sweet kiddos!!!

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    Bernadette Ebri

    $2.00 / 14 days ago


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    Kendall Schewitz

    $5.00 / 14 days ago

    Because one day my kiddos will get to learn from YOU and that is really just the most exciting thing.

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    $51.48 / 14 days ago

    Such important work - thank you for what you're doing for these kids!

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    $10.00 / 14 days ago

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    $20.00 / 16 days ago

    Keep on trucking, mathematicians!

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    Suzanne Levering

    $51.48 / 17 days ago

    Mama Levering loves you! Teach them well <3

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    $50.00 / 17 days ago

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    Lisa Breaugh

    $50.00 / 18 days ago

    I am happy to support people that have a heart for kids. Particularly those that come from a disadvantaged background. Blessings to you!

  • 4cda4ee21ee0c8bad0b9e9025e7cf7d3? nophoto

    Carol Browne

    $102.95 / 18 days ago

    You are amazing, Annie! Mathematics is the foundation for so many things, from small daily things we do to the important life decisions we make. These children are blessed to have you teach them the mathematic principles that they will use for the rest of their lives. Your enthusiasm for math and love for these children is the best! Way to go, Annie!

  • 83b9ee10cfdff966505d3a525f49a7d6? nophoto

    Christa Hitchcock

    $20.59 / 18 days ago

    Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus! I love following along with your stories and cheering on your classroom from afar. You're doing such important work!

  • A548551112115cc5cd048d221a02bfe1? nophoto

    Lori Yoder

    $100.00 / 19 days ago

    Good luck to all of Miss Hunts 4th Grade Mathematicians. The students are blessed to have you as their teacher!

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    Tony Anzivino

    $25.00 / 19 days ago

    Keep crushing it Annie! This kids are lucky to have someone so motivated to love, teach, and encourage them!

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    $100.00 / 19 days ago

    Your love for these kiddos is amazing! Praying for a successful year in your new class!

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    David Montague

    $20.00 / 19 days ago

  • 384fb2791f9e98697a09f256ad5e9ffb? nophoto

    Meghan Figel

    $15.00 / 19 days ago

    I’m so proud of you Annie! These kids deserve the best!

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    Ethan Healy

    $20.00 / 19 days ago

  • 9a4bef77d77ce1bce12759f86eb40bb5? nophoto

    Kate Shedd

    $20.59 / 20 days ago

    I am so inspired by you!! You are making such a huge impact -- those kids are SO LUCKY to have you!

  • C768a9458c8a140849aec7dca02b1e38? nophoto

    Margaret Kent

    $20.00 / 20 days ago

    Thank you for believing in all students!! I can’t wait to see you make a difference in their lives!

  • F9e6350c0eae79a0067362bee38b3c7f? nophoto

    Sally Ahlgren

    $100.00 / 20 days ago

    Dear 4th grade Class, Enjoy your year. Work really hard but remember to have fun. If something you are learning seems difficult take a deep breath and try again. You will eventually get it. Stay positive. School is the most important thing you will ever do. Believe in yourself and how IMPORTANT you are!! Keep smiling!

  • 7286615b978582401731518947635f59? nophoto

    Samantha Morrow

    $15.44 / 20 days ago

  • 4261ae00d105bdee3f38d20e3db32ee5? nophoto

    Elizabeth Rody

    $178.10 / 21 days ago

    Best of luck to you!!

  • 75615bef5f16eee53a82fd3c3c051e35? nophoto

    Aisling O’Leary

    $15.00 / 21 days ago

    You go girl! I’m so amazed by what you’re doing. As a math major I can say, it’s so important!

  • 5d45d79cbb74b4db116b5d269be3f272? nophoto

    Karla Levering

    $25.00 / 21 days ago

    Love your heart for the kids!!!

  • 578ab4988ab712f20bd5ff7faa8c82f5? nophoto

    Benard A Neuhaus

    $51.48 / 21 days ago

    Math is way cooler and more useful than most people realize, so keep on learning!

  • Avatar person


    $25.00 / 21 days ago

    I believe in this project and in the power of education to change lives and make this world a better kinder place for generations to come!! This is important work!

  • 0dab35f3acc1d6fad646d6fe5a162748? nophoto

    Megan McNulty

    $20.00 / 21 days ago

About Miss Hunt's 4th Grade Mathematicians

Any money I raise beyond 100% goes to my incredible organization, Memphis Teacher Residency. 

If you absolutely had your heart set on funding my classroom, specifically, please reach out to me and I can let you know how to help. BUT IF you still want to donate to some of my world-changing peers, please follow this link!!!!

This past year, I helped teach in a 5th grade math classroom. I was able to see first-hand the impact that using manipulatives and experiencing mathematics has when students were introduced to concepts such as fractions, volume, and graphing. I was also able to witness how getting students out of their typical desks and seats to learn resulted in a high level of engagement and enjoyment of math.

Starting in August, I will be teaching in a 4th grade math/science classroom at Berclair Elementary School. Hands-on experiences with new math topics are important for all students, yet will be especially crucial for my students this upcoming year since a large percentage of my students are ELL (English-Language Learners). With your help, I will be able to provide my students with tangible and visible math experiences around the room that will solidify their mathematical understandings by linking math concepts to English words.

Technology is becoming more and more helpful - dare I say necessary - in classrooms nowadays. I have included an iPad on my wish list to be able to incorporate technology in a way that will deepen understandings and enhance my classroom management. There is an app I plan to use, which essentially links this iPad to our SmartBoard. This would be extremely beneficial because I could allow a student to write their mathematical thinking on the iPad for all to see and learn from. Having this iPad would also allow me to walk the room or stand near a student who needs a teacher's proximity to focus, all while "writing on the board" for everyone to see.

Some other items that I have included on my classroom wish list are:
- Student mailboxes (for distributing/collecting papers)
- Chair Bands (for children to silently bounce their feet as they work)
- Stability Cushions (to help children to sit still and focus)
- Stationary exercise ball (as a reward seat)
- Multiplication Chart Classroom Rug
- Class set of whiteboard clipboards
- Math posters (3D shapes, fractions, place value, decimals, etc.)
- Fraction tile manipulatives & fraction puzzles for station work
- BrainQuest workbooks (for early finishers or extension problems)
- Number of the Day pocket chart (for morning work)
- Large magnetic timer (a visual for students to be able to track time management)
- Place value room border/bulletin board set
- Pink erasers (because "mistakes are proof that you are trying!"...a quote I try to instill in my students)

Thank you for investing in my classroom and students! I deeply appreciate your generosity and willingness to help me create the best learning experiences for my 4th graders.