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Creating a Close-Knit Community in Ms. Cummings' Classroom

Victoria Cummings / MTR Give 2018

I am passionate about making quality education accessible to all students and committed to empowering students to become the best versions of themselves.
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    $20.59 / 3 days ago

    Good luck with everything!! I know you'll be amazing with your students and I wish you all the best in the upcoming school year!

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    Olivia Colson

    $20.00 / 6 days ago

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    Jon Stroshine

    $20.59 / 6 days ago

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    Ruth Montague

    $25.00 / 13 days ago

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    Todd Venable

    $15.00 / 14 days ago

    Way to go Victoria.....and Good Luck

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    Jean Erica Padgett

    $200.00 / 15 days ago

    All efforts to improve future start with our children. When you have tough days , remember why you started. It's a blessing to find something you love to do in a profession, it will never feel like a task or just a job. I wish you continued success.

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    $20.00 / 16 days ago

    The hard work ahead in assisting children develop into contributing adults will be exhausting, and yet, the most gratifying things that WE(takes a village to raise a child/children) ever experience. I know that you will be impactful on the journey you’ve set out for! GRIT! GRIND! You GONE SHINEEEE!

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    Annie Hunt

    $5.00 / 16 days ago

    So excited to be able to work at the same school!! Can't wait to see what the Lord does/is doing at Berclair!

  • 03803bd9f78a08d91902b0d76e6b4390? nophoto

    Asjley Gue

    $20.00 / 18 days ago

    They are so lucky to have you! ❤️

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    $20.00 / 18 days ago

    Wishing you all the best, Victoria Cummings!

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    David Montague

    $20.00 / 19 days ago

  • 2cfd2bf6cfda721d63ff82c45267496e? nophoto

    Evan Kroon

    $25.00 / 20 days ago

About Creating a Close-Knit Community in Ms. Cummings' Classroom

The time has finally come for me to have my own classroom, at Berclair Elementary School. I have had the privilege of working alongside some awesome elementary educators in their classrooms in Memphis & Providence over the past three years. Through these experiences, I’ve learned so much that I will be incorporating into my new classroom. With a new classroom comes the need for general classroom supplies: A class set of whiteboards, whiteboard markers, erasers, a classroom rug, a three-hole punch, pencil sharpeners, a pocket charts, and organizers (just to name a few). These items will benefit students in the years to come. 
I am extremely grateful for your love, support, and prayers. 
You can find my full wish here: