Ally Lam's Students Need Pencils and Expo Markers

Allyson Lam / MTR Give 2018

In my past three years at Melrose High School, I've learned that my students are already ambitious, creative, and curious problem-solvers. My job is to equip them with strategies and facilitate moments of discovery and joy in the classroom. Having enough pencils and dry erase markers for all 160 of my students helps me do this.

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    Jane Buxton

    $50.00 / 19 days ago

    Thank you for the chance to be part of your classroom.

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    Sara Kwon

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    Glad to support you and your Memphis students, Ally!

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    Alice YeeJeong

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    Best of luck. Keep up the good work.

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    Sending love, blessings, and joy from Davis, CA! Keep working hard and heal the world! :)

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    Michelle Wong

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    Keep up the hard work. I'm sure your students are doing well with your guidance!

About Ally Lam's Students Need Pencils and Expo Markers

My students know that making mistakes is part of the learning process, but in a high school math classroom, it can still feel scary to try knowing you might mess up. To help students overcome this fear, we regularly work out problems on the white boards, which allows students to easily identify and correct their mistakes. You should see my students transform into confident mathematicians when they work at the boards - they often will pause to explain their steps to whoever's nearby, or ask their neighbors challenging questions, just to see who understands the material better. 

You may be wondering why I need over a thousand pencils! When I was a student, I would use the same 2-3 mechanical pencils for an entire school year. But I also had a pencil case to hold my pencils, a backpack to carry my pencil case, and a consistent home to store my backpack every night. For most of my students, these organizational structures aren't guaranteed, so having pencils available helps us make the most of class time!

With your support, we can stock my classroom with:

    • No. 2 pencils (8 packs of 144 pencils) 
    • Chisel tip dry erase markers (8 12-packs)
    • Fine tip dry erase markers (6 12-packs)