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Annie Hunt / MTR Give 2019

I believe that all students can learn at high levels when provided uniquely appropriate supports and challenges. I hope to provide my students with hands-on mathematical experiences, leading to discourse, and resulting in higher-level thinking within my classroom. My long-term goal is to foster a love of learning in my students and an appreciation of others' ideas.
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About Math in Memphis

This past year, I began my journey as a teacher at Berclair Elementary School as a 4th grade math and science teacher. I am privileged to continue teaching the same age and subject next year as well!! My students this year worked incredibly hard to grow academically, socially and behaviorally. This past year, my students grew an average of 132%. Essentially, they are rockstars. I could NOT have done this without all of the help and donations during last year's MTR Give. I am so thankful for the generosity of strangers, old and new friends and family!!

A large percentage of my students are ELL (English-Language Learners), and hands-on learning experiences are crucial for engaging with the math. With your help, I will continue to provide my students with tangible and visible math experiences around the room that will solidify their mathematical understandings by linking math concepts to English words.

Technology is becoming more and more helpful - dare I say necessary - in classrooms nowadays. I have included 6 tablets to incorporate technology in a way that will deepen understandings and enhance my classroom management. I plan to use these for quick assessments, surveys, in small groups, as an intervention for struggling learners, and as enrichment for "early finishers". Having things done electronically help to organize all the work my students are doing, quickens grading for me, and provides a way for kiddos to get access to technology in this 21st-century-tech-world.

Many of my students are unable to provide sufficient resources to get their work done. Most teachers, including myself, are tasked with buying these things so that their students can keep up with their peers. I also lead Art Club once a month, for which I buy and provide supplies, which can add up quickly! Some items that I have included on my wishlist include, but are not limited to:
- Pencils
- Erasers
- Dry erase markers
- Highlighters
- Lined paper
- Composition notebooks
- Tissue paper
- Glue
- Construction paper
- Math posters
- Science posters
- Science lab boxes (hands-on learning labs!)

Thank you for investing in my classroom and students! I deeply appreciate your generosity and willingness to help me create the best learning experiences for my 4th graders.