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Mrs. Martin Taylor's Classroom

Katie Martin Taylor / MTR Give 2019

I believe all students should have access to a quality education, no matter their zip code. My projects serves to provide my students with the materials they need to be critical thinkers and learners in my classroom.

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About Mrs. Martin Taylor's Classroom

I can't believe this will my 5th year teaching in Memphis. Time has flown by since I started teaching at Treadwell Middle in 2015. From the moment I started teaching at Treadwell, I knew it was what I was supposed to do with my life. Teaching has given me a purpose and passion that makes me excited to wake up each day. A huge reason for that is my incredible group of students. They amaze me every day with their resilience and desire to learn.

However, the biggest obstacle in my classroom is the lack of resources for my students. Students do not arrive on the first day of school with pencil boxes, binders, or notebooks. A school supply list is an unrealistic request for most of my students' families.

But I have a strict policy of no excuses. 

I will never accept an excuse like "I didn't have paper to do my homework" or "I couldn't do the project without color pencils or scissors." So I always try to give my students the materials they need to succeed. 

This is where YOU come in! Please help me fund my classroom supplies list. This will include things like paper, pencils, a new pencil sharpener, erasers, scissors, pens, ink for my printer, binders, clorox wipes, markers, posters for projects, tape, glue and a few prizes for my prize box. 

No gift is too small to make a difference!