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Ms. Borrmann's 11th Grade Historians

Kaitlin Borrmann / MTR Give 2019

Students deserve to learn in a warm, welcoming, and well-supplied classroom, where anything they may need can be readily available to them.
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About Ms. Borrmann's 11th Grade Historians

I will finally have my own history classroom starting in August, and I am so excited to know and grow with my 11th graders in US History at Douglass High School. As you all know or could easily guess, I l-o-v-e history. I believe that it teaches concrete skills that can help students become more informed and engaged citizens - something that's incredibly important in our modern world. Because of this, teaching history in high-needs communities is particularly essential. To best learn history, though, students have to be in a space that is suitable for learning. (There's a reason classroom environment was the first question I got asked about in my interview for this job). Because I want the absolute best for my students, providing a rich learning environment with plenty of perfectly organized supplies is something I've always dreamed of.

If you choose to donate, your donation will provide a variety of supplies for our classroom, many of which will last for years to come and serve hundreds of students. This covers maps and posters of history heroes for our walls, as well as bookcases and a few additions for our classroom library. It also covers a rug and alternative lighting to provide a warmer, cozier space and cut down on the use of harsh fluorescent overhead lighting. 

Additional classroom supplies your donations will provide include: 

- Paper to make copies with 
- Dry erase markers 
- Erasers for the dry erase board 
- Golf pencils for students who forget their own pencils 
- Letter trays for students to turn work into 
- Electric pencil sharpener 
- Paper cutter 
- Binder clips 
- Paperclips 
- Sentence strips and washi tape for our word wall timeline 

Lastly, there are some items that will help keep all students focused and learning, like fidget bands for desk legs and silent hand fidgets for students who may otherwise make beats on their desk or click pens to help them concentrate.

Thank you for believing that my students deserve equal access to basic classroom supplies! I am so grateful for your support and commitment to my students.