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Ms. Cusick's Science Classroom

Grace Cusick / MTR Give 2019

The atmosphere of the classroom plays a significant role in the way students learn. The goal of my fundraising is to be able to provide students with a classroom that is stocked with quality items that will, along with me showing up everyday, allow them to recognize that their education is important and valued.
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About Ms. Cusick's Science Classroom

  I am so excited to be teaching high school biology and chemistry next year at Kingsbury High. My biggest obstacle next year will be a lack of resources. Because I never want a students to have an excuse not to learn, I need your help in providing quality materials for my students. 

  I will have anywhere from 150-200 students. The main part of my project involves every one of these students having their own binder that stays in my classroom. This will be a place for them to keep their notes, worksheets, and tests. Aside from the binders, I need help in stocking my room with basic science classroom supplies. These include things like: 
  • Pencils/Pencil sharpener
  • Expo markers
  • Lab supplies: Goggles, rulers, hair ties, scissors, glue 
  • Colored paper 
  • Hand sanitizer and tissue
    Along with the basic supplies, I am asking for help with items that will allow my classroom to feel warm and inviting for all students. Classroom environment plays a major role in the way students learn and allowing them to feel safe. I am asking for your help in purchasing items such as:
  • Bookshelves
  • Lights to hang (so we don't have to see the florescent overhead lights every day.)
  • Baskets to turn papers in. 
  • Posters and boards to hang on the plain, white brick walls. 
  • A large periodic table
  All of these things will help in creating a classroom that will encourage students to learn and push themselves. I want my students to be excited to spend time in my classroom and know that I want them in the classroom more than anything. 

No gift is too small! Any amount will help me as I begin this new journey, I thank you in advance for considering donating to my classroom!