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Ms. Fuson's Science Classroom

Lydia Fuson / MTR Give 2019

I believe the future leaders of Memphis are in my classroom, and should have equal access to the tools they deserve to be successful in school and beyond. My projects serves to relinquish the burden of purchasing school supplies for high-need families by providing my scholars with ALL classroom supplies/needs.
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About Ms. Fuson's Science Classroom

A classroom is like an ecosystem, a community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. Just like organisms thrive on the resources in their environment, children rely on resources & necessities in the classroom for success in their learning. 

With a classroom full of 150+ students, our "ecosystem" must constantly be replenished with supplies & resources for students. In order to build and maintain an environment in which students can flourish in their learning, your donation will go towards: 

- new tables & chairs to replace broken/damaged desks
- scientific models (DNA, human anatomy, cells, etc) 
- classroom tablets or a classroom clicker system
- COLOR ink cartridges

- boxes of tissue, hand sanitizer & feminine products
- notebooks, binders & PAPER
- pencils, pens & erasers 
- translation dictionaries (spanish, arabic, etc.)
- art/craft supplies 
- fans & heaters 
- cleaning supplies 
- dry erase boards & markers 
- bottled water/healthy snacks
- rolls of butcher paper & other classroom decor
- classroom organization/storage (folders, boxes, cabinets, etc.)

No gift is too small to make a difference!